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Manfred Mirsch Afro-Cuban Percussion

Manfred Mirsch (In German - several very nice rhythms on this page)
Manfred's web sites are very good resources for traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Foundation Course in African Music: Rhythmic Principles. Excellent article by CK Ladzepko on Rhythmic principles within Ewe music of Ghana. He covers alot of fundamental material regarding polyrhythm and discusses quite a bit about Rhythm as related to Ghanain sprituality.

CongaHead.Com Martin Cohen's website (owner of LP Percussion). I highly recommend the movies page - great inspirational material here.

Giovanni Hidalgo Shares his Hand Techniques on Conga. Conga great Giovanni Hidalgo shows us a few tips for playing congas.

Drumming Teachers

Cliff's Afrocuban Chop's
Cliff has a book out on Afro-Cuban soloing with an emphasis on Rumba Quinto. If you're interested in his book it's for sale on this site.

Chris "Flaco" Walker
Chris Walker, a drummer specializing in Cuban folklore, teaches drumming, plays for dance classes and hosts master musicians/classes in the Bay Area. This is a good site for finding out about dance classes, drumming lessons, visiting masters, and other drumming information.

Rhythm Magic with Mika Scott
Mika Scott facilitates drumming events and teaches drumming lessons in the Bay Area.

Michael Spiro
Michael Spiro is regarded as one of the very knowledgeable drummers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Michael Spiro has two awesome drum recordings "Grupo Ilu Añna: Sacrad Rhythms" - featuring great bata drumming - and "Bata Ketu" - another great album featuring the interplay of Brazillian and Cuban traditional drumming (I own both of these.. they're awesome).