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Drum Circles

Drum circles offer a unique opportunity for people to express themselves non-verbally. Musicians communicate with one another using the language of the drum. We hope to some day offer one of the most complete lists availible on the web.

Drummingnet is compiling a list of drum circles so that you will know where to go to for your local drum circle events.

Right now our list is very partial. If you know of other drum circles or would like to comment on the existing circles please email Richard Taylor and let us know - your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

Bay Area Drum Circles

Sproul Plaza - Berkeley
This unique drum circle has been taking place on the UC Berkeley campus for over 30 years every Saturday and Sunday. It can have anywhere from a few to dozens of drummers. For the past six months or so we have only had a few drummers on Saturday and Sunday. These days many drummers are going to Ashby BART station. Now the drumming that takes place is typically pretty together and we do a bit of traditional drumming. We recently had a gathering at Sproul on the day Mongo SantaMaria passed away with a half dozen pretty good rumberos - a very good day of music! The drumming starts around 3 or 4 and goes for a few hours. If the right crowds around you'll see a lot of different rhythms played.

One of the more unknown facts about Sproul is that on days that drumming ensembles play at Zellerbach it's common for the musicians to come out and join us - most recently an ensemble from Ghana joined in, prior to this Les Ballet Afrikan has sat in on our Rumbas, and one of the best days ever on the campus was when the National Ensemble of Guinea played - they're old friends with Cuba, they're pretty good Rumberos.. ;-)

Sproul plaza can be found by walking up Telegraph Avenue onto the campus. After walking onto the campus continue until you see a fountain. Make a left down the set of stairs to your left and you will be on Sproul Plaza.

Ghiradelli Square/Aquatic Park - San Francisco
People have been playing at Aquatic Park (across from Ghiradelli square) for decades. This drum circle can have a good number of drunken/intoxicated people. It is an excellent place for sitting down, having lunch, enjoying the bay and listening to the drummers play.

Hippy Hill - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco This drum circle located in Golden Gate park happens every weekend as well. It's a very nice outdoor setting that has grassy hills to sit on and listen to music. This circle is very open to, and caters to, a good number of beginning drummers/musicians. I've been several times and have always enjoyed the outdoor setting. Numerous people lay down on the grass and enjoy the music all day long.

To find it walk up Haight Street until you reach the park. Follow the pathway through the tunnel and continue along until you see the drum circle. Hippy Hill is fairly well known so ask around if you get lost.

Ashby Flea Marker - Ashby BART Station, Berkeley, California This drum circle has a lot of Djembe players. It caters to people who haven't had drumming lessons - some that have had lessons do show up each week. I haven't played at this spot much but it's supposed to be another good spot for being to play what you feel, work on your chops, solo over the top of everyone (competing with 10 other soloists. ;-), etc. It seems that this circle is a good one for beginners as I haven't heard of too much drama. Most recently I've heard reports it's getting pretty big - a friend counted 26 drums at a recent circle there.

The easiest way to get to Ashby BART is BART... ;-) If you're driving they're located at Ashby and Adeline Street in Berkeley. They have lots of free parking at the station. Just listen for the drumming, it's usually happening right at the BART entrance on the fleamarket side.