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Drumming Lessons

Classes are currently taught in Berkeley, California.
Beginning and intermediate level classes
in private and/or group situations are offered.

We are also available to teach workshops elsewhere.

For more information, please contact Richard Taylor:
     tel: 510-333-5736
     email: Click here to email us.

Class curriculum includes:
  • Rhythm
  • Technique
  • Polyrhythm
  • Listening
  • Finding the groove
  • Playing with others
  • Creating non-verbal conversations
  • Improvisation techniques
  • Ensemble playing - introductions, breaks, conclusions
Traditional rhythms taught include:
  • Yeza
  • Bembe
  • Abakwa
  • Palo
  • Rumba (Yambu, Guaguanco, and Columbia)

Primary instructor Richard Taylor has extensively studied hand drumming for 18 years. He has studied with a variety of teachers including members of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas and Afro-Cuba de Matanzas, Changuito, Lazaro Ros, C.K. Ledzepko, and Tata Güines. He is currently trying out for various local bands.

He teaches using a systematic method that allows students to begin simply and work their way up to more advanced rhythms. He teaches each student using a custom based lesson plan that emphasizes the students strengths and goals.